Wooden Blinds

wooden blinds

Wooden Blinds

We offer you the best wooden blinds and blinds services in Dubai at affordable rates. Wooden blinds are suitable for your office and your home as well. Because these blinds give a classy and traditional look. In addition, they block all of the light as well. This also provides you the privacy you need. Therefore, wooden blinds are suitable for rooms where light enters a lot such as your living room. Furthermore, wooden blinds are very easy to install and maintain. Just give us a call and our team of dedicated expert will visit you and show you all the latest designs and patterns.

How to Clean and Maintain Wooden Blinds

Wooden blinds give a traditional and classy look but they also need proper cleaning as well. Because they are made of wood and the dust particles tend to stick on wooden surfaces. Therefore, you should clean them once or twice a month. Cleaning is not a difficult task. You just need a towel, keep the blinds closed. And wipe the towel slowly and gently from top to bottom. This will clean the blinds thoroughly. Be sure to clean them around the strings area because it is an easy area to miss. This complete process will not take more than four or five minutes.

Customer Reviews and Feedback

Our results speak for themselves. Because we have provided curtains and blinds services all across Dubai and our customers are happy and satisfied with our work. We have a complete range of blinds including horizontal blinds, roman blinds, Venetian blinds, motorized blinds, remote control curtains and many more for you to choose from. In addition, we stay in touch with our customers even after the job is done. Because we make sure that you are happy with our painting services.

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